Frogglez swim goggles are the best for kids in swim lessons
Chris Cook endorses Frogglez swimming goggles as the best goggles for children
Frogglez goggles are leakproof so kids can swim underwater with confidence
Frogglez soft neoprene strap glides overhead and won't pull hair
Frogglez goggles are safe for kids latex free and protect childrens eyes while swimming
Kids can put Frogglez on by themselves. Adjustable Universal Strap attaches to most swimming goggles


frogglez goggles pink


frogglez goggles green


frogglez goggles blue

What are Frogglez?

Frogglez Goggles, are the most comfortable swim goggles ever, specifically designed for swimmers ages 3 and up. We make life easier for Mum's and Dad's by making swim goggles a fun accessory, not a battle!

So easy to put on that kids can do it by themselves, without pain!

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"My 3 year old daughter does not like getting water in her eyes when she goes to swim class, and does not like traditional goggles, because they are always too tight or too loose and they always pull her hair. She couldn't wait to try these on when we received them and was able to put them on all by herself without any help and most importantly to her without pulling her hair"

"I bought two pairs of Frogglez for both of my daughters (purple and blue) as their normal swimming goggles kept coming loose and we're always getting tangled in their hair. What a difference the Frogglez make and they can both get on with their swimming lessons without stopping and starting every few minutes. Some of my daughters school friends now have some and my nephew loves his too!"


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